Commodity Trading Calls

Recommendations: – You will receive 2-4 Commodity calls every day during market hours. This way you get enough time to understand and execute the call.

Types of Commodities: – Our expert technical desk recommends highly liquid commodities so that you get enough bandwidth to execute your calls. We cover all the products listed in MEX NEPAL, like Gold, Silver, Copper, Crude, Wheat, Sugar, Cotton, etc.

Service: – All recommendations will be posted on our recommendation page at on a real time basis access to which you get after log in. This means no time lags and no delays – instant calls for unlimited profits.
Live Updates: – Timely updates will be done whenever:

  •  Buy price is triggered
  •  Scrip makes profit
  •  Scrip hits the Stop loss
  •  Call is discarded

You will also receive a summary note on all our COMMODITY intra-day tips at the end of each trading day.
Sample intra-day commodity tip: – You will receive our calls in the following format –

  • Buy Gold Above 40550 Stop loss 40425 Targets 40700-40775
  • Sell Crude Below 6525 Stop loss 6565 Targets 6450-6425

We Follow Up Each & Every Call and revise Stop loss in time to avoid loss to see capital protection
We Assure Accuracy 85-90% above.

CMP: Current Market | Price TGT: Target Price | SL: Stop Loss Trigger Price

This service is available in flexible subscription schemes of 1 month, 6 months and 1 year, which works to as low as Rs. 50 per day.