How to start trading

How to start trading in commodity

Opening an account to trade commodities is probably easier than you think, but it is a major undertaking and you can expect to fill out some paperwork and wait a couple days before you can begin trading commodities.

When opening an account the first thing to do is to decide on a commodity brokerage firm. The brokerage company will hold your account and execute your trades. There are many full service broker (from MEX NEPAL, the only successful commodity exchange in Nepal) to choose from.

Like in any business, some brokers are better than others. Most people rely on brokers to educate them on the markets or to make trading recommendations. If your broker is not a successful trader, you could lose your money very quickly. It is always important to pick a broker that you have chemistry with and one who offers the level of service you require.

Hence ,we at Lagani Control can help find you the best as according to your needs and requirements. And not only this we help you by providing you the initial stage training and guidelines required to be a smart and successful commodity trader. For training details Click Here